Decrease Costs and latency on your Search & Retrieval
With simplismart, decrease costs and increase throughput on your search and retrieval engines. Optimise the latency of your RAG pipelines by deploying optimised embedding models and fine-tuned large language models. Directly integrate with Vector Databases and build state of the art applications.
Supercharge your RAG pipeline
Supercharge your RAG Pipeline
Simplismart improves your RAG pipelines by increasing throughput, decreasing latency and saving you loads of costs.
Build product copilots
Build Product Copilots
Build fintech and SAAS copilots by training llama2-7B with Simplitrain. Test and deploy them in under a week from ideation.
Build enterprise search
Build Enterprise Search
Use Simplismart to host embedding and large language models to build AI-powered assistants to answer work-related questions.
Retrieval based QnA
Retrieval based QnA
Build secure, fast and inexpensive Question-Answering chatbot on top of your Legal, HR or Customer data.
Rapid Auto-Scaling
Simplismart provides autoscaling in 76 seconds as compared to the industry average of 5 minutes.
100%  Data Encryption
Simplismart can be used on-prem or through a VPC, giving you complete data and model security.
Fastest Deployment
We speed up GenAI model inference on the hardware layer, the serving layer and the model backend.
Unmatched  Pricing
We optimise models using state-of-the-art techniques saving loads of costs for ourselves and for you.

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