We are launching the public Beta of Simplismart, the next-generation no-code AI platform, changing how businesses and researchers build and manage deep learning models.

What is Simplismart?

Simplismart is a flexible and generalisable platform not limited to any specific type or number of use cases. It offers deep learning and machine learning as a managed service for data-heavy teams, helping you seamlessly collaborate with various stakeholders.

Simplismart features

What does it do?

With Simplismart, you can build, deploy, evaluate, and observe machine learning models using our just-in-time model creation and deployment technology. The platform assembles a custom deep learning model on the fly through rigorous data analysis and intelligent resource estimation based on your throughput and latency SLAs.

But Simplismart doesn't just stop at model creation and deployment. It also simplifies every step of the modern MLOps lifecycle, giving you complete control with our easy-to-use declarative interface console and SDKs. Automate and streamline your machine-learning process with Simplismart.

Automate modern MLOps lifecycle with Simplismart

Is it for me?

Democratising AI

We are on a mission to democratise AI in a true sense wherein an amateur, and an expert can easily control the modern MLOps cycle.

One of the critical benefits of Simplismart is that it allows you to build and deploy machine learning models without writing a single line of code. Even if you don't have a programming or data science background, you can still use Simplismart to create powerful machine-learning models.

This behaviour has helped researchers and developers from diverse backgrounds quickly run experiments and prototypes to build bespoke solutions.

Simplismart also offers a range of SDKs and integrations, allowing you to easily integrate your machine-learning models into your existing workflows and systems. This behaviour helps to save time and effort, as you don't have to spend hours setting up, coding, debugging and maintaining.

Traditional ML vs Simplismart

What do I get?

Simplismart is a game-changing platform that helps businesses and researchers build and manage deep learning models without writing code. It offers a range of powerful features and integrations, giving you complete control of the modern MLOps lifecycle.

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