nvideo, a leading platform in the video creation industry, has been at the forefront of enabling creators to produce high-quality content with ease. Faced with escalating costs in their image generation process, Invideo sought an innovative solution to optimise their expenses. By partnering with Simplismart, Invideo not only reduced their image generation costs by an astonishing 97% but also achieved a remarkable 2x increase in inference speed.

The Story of Invideo

Invideo is a renowned name in the video creation and editing industry, providing users with powerful tools to create professional-grade videos effortlessly. The platform serves a diverse clientele, from individual creators to large enterprises. Over the years, Invideo has achieved several milestones, including developing intuitive AI-driven features that simplify video creation. However, as the demand for high-quality visuals grew, so did the associated costs of image generation, prompting InVideo to seek a cost-effective yet efficient solution.

The Challenge of Rising Image Generation Costs

Invideo was grappling with significant costs associated with image generation, primarily relying on Stability AI. The high expenses, which amounted to $30,000.00 each month, were becoming a barrier to scalability, profitability, and ROI. In addition to the financial strain, the speed of image generation was not meeting the growing demands of their users, necessitating a search for a more efficient and cost-effective alternative.

Why Invideo Chose Simplismart

Invideo's decision to partner with Simplismart was driven by the latter's promise of significant cost savings and improved performance. Simplidiffuse by Simplismart emerged as the ideal solution after thoroughly evaluating several alternatives. The compelling proposition of reducing image generation costs by 97%, coupled with the assurance of enhanced speeds of up to 2x, made Simplidiffuse the clear choice for Invideo.

How Simplismart Responded

Upon commencing their collaboration, Simplismart conducted an in-depth analysis of Invideo's existing model pipelines and benchmarked it against the proprietary Simplismart inference engine. The focus was on integrating Simplismart's proprietary inference engine for SD-XL and CogVLM, which were designed to be both cost-effective and efficient. 

The Results

The partnership between Invideo and Simplidiffuse yielded remarkable results. By transitioning to Simplidiffuse, Invideo slashed its image generation costs from a little above $30,000 monthly to just $903.33, representing a 97% reduction. Additionally, the speed of image generation improved significantly, with inference time halving from 7.1 seconds per image generation to 3.5 seconds.

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